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About Us

The Circle of  Life Counseling Center was founded in 2010 with a driving service mission to help individuals and families overcome obstacles and distress. The staff of the Circle of Life Counseling Center recognize that some of the challenges in life require a variety of personal strengths and problem solving skills.

We are committed to help identify and enhance personal strengths and develop abilities to effectively deal with the experiences of life’s challenges by offering counseling services serving individuals and families. 

"We are committed to helping our clients achieve happiness & positive growth."

​-The Circle of Life Team

Our Team

  1. Carrie J. Carter-Reall - MS, MEd, CMHC
    Carrie J. Carter-Reall is the founder and Clinical Director of the Circle of Life Counseling Center. Carrie holds the degrees of Master of Education Administration, received from Brigham Young University and Master of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from San Diego State University. Carrie has over 30 years of clinical experience and holds numerous credentials in current treatment methods including the Gottman Method, EMDR, ART and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
  2. Carrie S. Jackson - MS, CMHC
    Carrie Jackson is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and holds the degree Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. She is licensed with the state of Utah as a clinical mental health counselor. She has 10 years of clinical experience and specializes in marriage counseling and adolescent issues. She is primarily a cognitive/behavioral therapist who uses a wide range of clinical interventions to address many presenting issues. She will work to create an environment in which you feel safe and cared for in a personal and professional manor.
  3. Janey Nelson - MSW, LCSW
    Janey received her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Brigham Young University in 2006. Janey is a strength-based therapist and believes in client-centered therapy. She encourages clients to look at their belief systems and cognitive distortions then helps identify personal strengths to move forward in the healing process. Janey has extensive experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, self harm, and marriage discourse. Janey is very familiar with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorders and has specialized training in attachment issues.
  4. Pam Vandenaker is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has been working for 24+ years with individuals, families, and couples in clinical and addiction treatment settings. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling from California State University, East Bay. Pam has expertise in a variety of clinical approaches, including client-centered, motivational interviewing, expressive arts therapies, and recovery from substance use and codependent behaviors. She loves Southern Utah hiking, painting, writing, and music, and is a writer and an artist.
  5. Duncan C. Shumway - MS, CMHC
    Duncan received his BS degree from Brigham Young University in 2007 and graduated with Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Westminster College in 2012. He has worked in various settings, from a Level -1 trauma unit for neurological injuries to Department of Corrections. Duncan's approach is client centered with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between thoughts and behaviors within our environment. He has expertise working with couples, adults and adolescents.
  6. L. Danielle McEachern - MS, CMHC
    Danielle received her Master's degree from Lesley University in Clinical Mental Health in 2006. She specialized in emotional disregulation in adolescents and young adults with an emphasis in grief, depression and anxiety. Danielle is trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Danielle has expertise working with couples, individuals & families. In addition, she is currently in a Neuropsychology doctoral program at the Utah State Hospital.
  7. Tirzah Rogers - MS, CMHC
    Tirzah is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who received her Master's degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Mental Health Counseling in 2012. Tirzah specializes in treating behavior disorders, depression, anxiety, and trauma related issues. She has expertise in both residential and outpatient settings. She is a caring individual and clinician who is able to connect quickly with people and work with clients towards their best outcomes.
Pamela Vandenaker- MS, CMHC

                       Barbie Law-Riccardelli

Barbie is the co-founder of the Circle of lIfe Counseling Center.  She is a Mediator and Life Coach specializing in positive self- actualization and conflict resolution.  She is the facilitator for B.A.R.B.I.E Boot Camp - a teenage girl program in the summers.