"We are committed to helping our clients achieve happiness & positive growth." ​-The Circle of Life Team

The Circle of  Life Counseling Center was founded in 2010 with a driving service mission to help individuals and families overcome obstacles and distress. The staff of the Circle of Life Counseling Center recognize that some of the challenges in life require a variety of personal strengths and problem solving skills.

We are committed to help identify and enhance personal strengths and develop abilities to effectively deal with the experiences of life’s challenges by offering counseling services serving individuals and families. 

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Barbie D. Law-Riccardelli, Life Coach

Barbie is a co-founder of Circle of Life Counseling Center, 2010.  Prior to creating CoL,  Barbie spent 12 years working for the Department of Corrections, with the majority of her law enforcement career being an Adult Probation and Parole agent. She is currently a life-coach, sharing her vast experience and assisting others with overcoming their limitations, with a special emphasis in mediation. She also has extensive training in working with personality disorders and her coaching style supports the development of the skills necessary to find improved interpersonal success. Her calm, confident, and reassuring energy draws people to her. She loves to use her self proclaimed PhD. in Advanced Life Skills, and is an inspiration to us all at Circle of Life.



Carrie J. Carter-Reall is the founder and Clinical Director of the Circle of Life Counseling Center. Carrie holds the degrees of Master of Education Administration, received from Brigham Young University and Master of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from San Diego State University. Carrie has over 30 years of clinical experience and holds numerous credentials in current treatment methods including the Gottman Method, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Carrie is an amazing therapist and wonderful mentor!



Carrie Jackson is our senior therapist at Circle of Life counseling center.  She is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and holds the degree Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from  Northeastern State University. She is licensed with the state of Utah as a clinical mental health counselor with 10 years of clinical experience. She is primarily a cognitive behavioral therapist who uses a wide range of clinical interventions to address many presenting issues. She had extensive experience in marriage counseling as well as adolescent issues.


Carrie is very skilled in working with trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, relational issues, anger management, as well as adult ADHD and self-esteem issues.  She believes in positive change and progress for everyone struggling with something in their life, offering hope for better mental health and all of the benefits that it can bring.  Your needs will be assessed by her and an individualized treatment plan developed.  Carrie believes that the fit between therapist and client is very important as feeling listened to and understood is something to look for and expect from any counseling experience. Carrie works to create an environment in which you feel safe and cared for in a personal and professional manner. Click the button to the left to view a short introduction video from Carrie. 



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Kristen has been with the Circle of Life Counseling Center since the beginning and her team of four receptionists manages appointments, insurance information, and billing of clients while maintaining the credentialing and schedules of all our of our clinicians.  Kristen's kindness, understanding, and accommodating nature in dealing with both our clients and our staff are unsurpassed. 



Julie Holbrook, LMFT

Julie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working in the field for over 8 years. Julie specializes in a variety of mental health issues and disorders and works with adolescents, adults, individuals and couples/families. She works a primarily solution-focused/cognitive-behavioral approach with individuals, placing a special emphasis on helping the client discover insights that create self-compassion, direction for healing, and solutions to their problems. She also has a passion for working with couples and has done extensive training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) and Gottman Method. She enjoys helping couples achieve a better-than-good attachment!


Julie strives to take each client and their relationships into context and considers it a privilege to walk with each client through their struggles. She admires her clients for having the courage to take a deeper look at themselves.


Julie is happily married with 3 "favorite" children and the cutest dog on the planet. She enjoys...just about everything!



Cameron J. John, Psychologist

Dr. John is a licensed psychologist in the state of Utah.  He earned his Bachelor's degree from Weber State University and his doctorate at the University of Arizona.  While in Arizona he worked with adolescents and their families in aftercare counseling.  In 1998, Dr. John accepted an academic position at Utah Valley University (then it was UVSC) and has been a psychology professor for the past 21 years.  In addition to teaching, currently and for the past 6 years, Dr. John has been the Psychology Department Chair at UVU.


Dr. John uses a variety of approaches including emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavioral while also trained to administer and interpret psychological tests and assessments that can help diagnose a condition or tell more about the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. These tests may evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, vocational aptitude and preference, personality characteristics and neuropsychological functioning.


Dr, John specializes in personality disorders, familial disruptions, relationship issues, and psychological testing.  Dr. John' clients have expressed an appreciation for gaining insight while being supported and understood during the process of finding and maintaining their path. 



Jenny Jarvis, ACMHC

Spending a better part of her life teaching and traveling with athletes, Jenny has had the opportunity to create connections with so many people, including families and teenagers. Working with people who are facing life's stressors yet are open to growth and change is her favorite thing ever! No matter life's challenges, from relationship difficulties to faith transitions to abuse, helping her clients navigate and empower themselves to choose into their lives and out of destructive patterns is her favorite part of her career.


Jenny uses CBT, DBT and many other techniques from mindfulness to cognitive challenging and reframing. She enjoys assisting her clients in discovering the techniques that work for them for healing and moving forward. She particularly enjoys couples therapy using the Gottman Method, teens, and young adults, although working with anyone who is serious about becoming their best self is her highest priority. 

Jenny graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors degree, and went on to Hodges University in Florida to attain a Masters, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in Clinical Mental Health. She resides in Eagle Mountain with her awesome family, loves just about anything active, fascinating or inspirational. Jenny also has an "alternate" career in martial arts, where she is a high ranking black belt and owns and operates martial arts programs.





Janae is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor that has expertise working with adults, adolescents, and couples.  She specializes in helping people with anxiety, trauma, self-esteem concerns, and LGBT issues.  Her treatment approach is expansive in nature, using techniques of CBT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and EMDR to help clients receive the greatest possible benefit.  She provides a warm, inviting space where individuals feel safe and accepted.




Joleene Watabe, CMHC

Joleene Watabe is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has worked with adolescents, adults and couples for the past 10 years.  She specializes in treating mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, grief, anger issues, self-esteem issues and addictions.  She also has experience in working with couples to overcome the barriers to connection they are experiencing and to help them create the relationship that they want.  


Each client is a unique individual and a treatment plan specific to each person is developed in order to help them improve their life and overcome any blocks they may be experiencing.  Joleene uses a variety of approaches tailored to each person, which include ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – a values based approach), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Solution-focused therapy and EMDR. 


Joleene was born and raised in Southern California and has also lived in Japan and Ohio prior to moving to Utah.  She became licensed as a counselor in Ohio where she attended Xavier University and received the degree of Master of Arts in Community Mental Health Counseling.  She was married for 26 years before her husband passed away in an accident.  She has 4 beautiful children that continue to bring her joy.  




Jason grew up in Utah County, the fifth child of two loving parents. He found his love of counseling after taking his first psychology class at Provo High School. This love of counseling further increased while participating in the PHASE program, Peers Helping Advance Self Esteem, where he was a student counselor. His grandfather and mentor, a locally renowned therapist himself, helped foster this desire even further. It was through these experiences Jason decided to dedicate his life to helping others as a therapist.


In 1995 Jason attended Southern Utah University where he studied psychology. He became a member of the National Honor Society for psychology majors (PSI CHI). He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, minoring in Sociology. After working for a couple of years Jason left his home of Utah and attended school at the University of Michigan (the #1 ranked social work program in the nation) where he earned his Masters of Social Work degree in 2004.


Jason has over a decade of clinical experience and has been an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) since 2007. He has served a broad spectrum of clients in the communities of Alaska, Virginia and Utah. He has experience in both outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities. Specializing in addiction, mental health, marriage, and family relationships for individuals, couples and families, Jason is a hard-working individual truly dedicated to helping others find and increase their inner peace in our troubled world.



Autumn Barker, CMHC

Autumn Barker is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has been a practicing therapist for 8 years and has worked in the mental health field for 18 years in diverse types of treatment including outpatient therapy, inpatient and residential treatment.  She has experience treating mood disorders, trauma, grief, addiction, life transition issues and she specializes in treating anxiety disorders including GAD, OCD, SAD and BDD.

Autumn’s strengths include connecting with and seeing the strengths of the clients that she works with.  She fosters a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients that cultivates vulnerability and growth.

Autumn is able to help clients assess their needs holistically and then is able to support and challenge clients with compassion and confidence. Autumn uses a variety of treatment approaches including ACT, CBT, DBT, ERP and Emotion Focused Therapy. Autumn loves nature, art, music and connecting with others.  She enjoys traveling, good food, hiking, photography and spending time with her family and friends.

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Jake Fletcher, ACMHC

Jacob grew up in southern California where he did swimming and played water polo in High School, he went on to swim in college where he set several swim records and became an All American swimmer. He currently resides in Eagle Mountain Utah, and his current hobbies are dirt biking and hiking.


Jacob graduated with his masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and he is very passionate about helping people change their lives by working toward reaching their personal goals.  Life can throw challenges our way that make it difficult to keep going at times, which is why he has dedicated his life to helping others discover strengths they didn’t know they had.  He utilizes motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic mind body therapy and EMDR to best help his clients heal and self discover.  Jacob specializes in issues around religion and beliefs, anxiety disorders, trauma and abuse, depression, and LGBT community.

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Mason McDonald, Student CMHC Intern

Mason is a training counselor, currently pursuing his Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Utah Valley University. He has an extensive background of working with children and teens on the autism spectrum and their families. Mason believes that therapy is a collaborative process that is transformative in nature. He believes the path to healing starts in a safe, supportive environment where individuals can feel free to express themselves and their concerns.


Mason is passionate about helping his clients to live more authentic, meaningful lives. Mason draws heavily from Christian and Buddhist theories; these are applied to his particular areas of interest in helping clients to navigate trauma, anxiety, depression, and faith transitions. Outside of work, Mason enjoys powerlifting, eating doughnuts, and spending time with his cat, Bubba.


Jill Dickey, Student CMHC Intern

Jill is a counselor in training, currently working on completing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Utah Valley University. Jill earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State University, and is passionate about the importance of mental and emotional health. Jill has lots of life experience that has led her to believe deeply in the profound power of self-understanding, and believes that the more we learn about ourselves the more able we are to thrive in our lives and in our relationships. She believes that overcoming personal challenges is a pathway to personal and relational growth.

As a therapist Jill works to aid others as they explore mental, emotional and relational aspects of their lives, and helps them set and accomplish goals that will lead to higher levels of growth and deeper personal and interpersonal integration. Jill has experience working with mood and anxiety issues (especially OCD), anger, grief, and self-esteem issues, eating and body acceptance issues, religious concerns, and sexual health and couples relational concerns. When Jill is not studying or working as a therapist, she loves hiking with her dog, trying new recipes, reading, hanging out with her husband, and playing games with her family.


Holly Klarman, Student PMHNP Intern

Holly is currently a student at Anderson University, working towards her doctoral degree as a Psychiatric Mental Nurse Practitioner. Holly has been practicing as an RN since 2013 and has specialized in working in mental health and women's health in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including for the University of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare, and private outpatient facilities.  She also enjoyed her time as the Lead simulation Instructor of OB nursing and the head of psychiatric nursing for Ameritech for 3 years while working on her MSN-ed, until she was able to begin her doctoral degree.  


These two fields had purposely been pursued to help combine her passion of working as a women's mental health nurse practitioner to create a holistic practice of well-being and increase the quality of life of women who have experienced trauma. Holly fervently believes in the combination of medication management and therapy in a safe environment.  In her studies and research, Holly has seen how the power of different trauma therapies can heal years of dysfunctional relationships and physical health, and create a life of healthy patterns to increase longevity and the power to embody self love. Holly's main passion and goals are to help individuals who have experienced any type of sexual trauma, and to establish healthy emotional and sexual relationships by reframing negative thinking patterns. She also believes in and uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy to help guide clients with reframing, faith transitions, childhood trauma, and gender therapy and dysphoria. She believes in creating a therapeutic relationship and environment to hold a safe space as clients journey through vulnerability and self empowerment.