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Connection: Healing what matters

Helping Individuals, Couples, and Families Thrive

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Our Services

Whether you need individual counseling, couples counseling, or family counseling, we can help you! Each of our therapists is skilled and ready to help you work through anything you need help with. 

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Individual Counseling

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Group Counseling

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Family Counseling

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Moving Meditation

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Couples Counseling

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We are committed to helping our clients achieve peace & positive growth.

Over Three Decades of Experience

We provide therapy for individuals, couples, and families.


Depression is one of the most prevalent types of psychiatric disorders affecting over 3 million American adults annually. It’s normal to feel occasional sadness but clinical depression goes much deeper than this.  The affected individual will often endure more severe sadness that lasts for a longer period of time.


Everyone experiences occasional anxiety due to everyday life. People with anxiety disorders, however, tend to experience intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. When these feelings reach extremes, they can result in an anxiety attack or panic attack and can often interfere with an individual’s everyday activities and can be difficult to control.


ERP refers to practicing confronting the thoughts, images, objects, and situations that make you anxious and/or provoke your intrusive thoughts. Once anxiety or intrusive thoughts have been triggered the goal is to learn distress tolerance skills to resist engaging in anxiety neutralizing behaviors. All of this is done under the guidance of a therapist at the beginning — though you will eventually learn to do your own ERP exercises to help manage your symptoms. Over time, the treatment will “retrain your brain” to no longer see the triggers as a threat.

NEW! Beginning in January 2023 Circle of Life will offer adult assessment services. Assessments will focus on personality, mental health, ADHD, intelligence and learning disability assessments.


Many of these assessments do require pre-authorization with your insurance so please check with them before scheduling. Contact Circle of Life for more information.

We help you find balance.

Contracted with Insurances

We are contracted with insurance companies including PEHP, EMI, BCBS, Select Health, University of Utah, Utah Office for Victims of Crime, Mental Health for Heroes, and more.

Will Work with Ecclesiastical Leaders

We can work with your ecclesiastical leader to provide you the counseling you need and with your approval, communicate with your bishop or leader.

Accept Self Pay

If you do not have insurance or would rather not use your insurance, we accept self-pay. This payment is due at the time of your appointment.

HSA, FSA, Discounted Therapy Bundles accepted

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