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The Circle of  Life Counseling Center was founded in 2010 with a driving service mission to help individuals and families overcome obstacles and distress. The staff of the Circle of Life Counseling Center recognizes that some of the challenges in life require a variety of personal strengths and problem-solving skills.

We are committed to helping identify and enhance personal strengths and develop abilities to effectively deal with the experiences of life’s challenges by offering counseling services serving individuals and families.

Our Team

Carrie, jpg.jpg

Carrie Carter-Reall

M.ED., CMHC, MFT Candidate Supervisor


Paula Hammer

Student Therapist

different photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Jamison Law

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Bio Pic_edited.jpg

Nick Christensen

Student Therapist


Ashley De-Graft Turk, 

Associate Therapist


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