What is therapy?

We provide professional psychotherapy services with a confidential, state-certified mental health therapist, licensed professional counselor, or licensed clinical social worker. Therapy experiences differ from therapist to therapist. However, in general, therapy is a professional relationship between a client and therapist designed to alleviate turmoil or distress. The goal of therapy is to promote healthy living and help clients make the most of their life.


How long will therapy take?

You can expect sessions to last about 45-50 minutes, although couple and family therapy may last longer. Depending on the situation, appointments may be set up weekly, bimonthly, or on a monthly basis.


You will be setting goals and designing a plan of treatment jointly with your counselor. You are free to discontinue counseling at any time. However, it is important to have a plan and to tell your counselor that you wish to terminate services.


If for any reason you are uncomfortable or feel your needs are not being met, we invite you to discuss these concerns with your counselor or another staff member.

What does confidentiality really mean?

Your therapist, and any staff member within this center, has a legal, ethical, and professional responsibility to abide by state and federal regulations designed to prevent disclosure of any information that could identify you, unless:

• You sign a consent to release or obtain information.
• A court order mandates the release of information.
• You commit or threaten to commit a crime which could cause harm to yourself or another individual.

If there is suspicion of physical, sexual, or extreme emotional abuse of a minor, the law mandates a report to local authorities.

In an emergency situation, medical personnel may be informed of pertinent information or qualified personnel for program evaluation and supervision.

With few exceptions, biological parents have legal access to information about their minor children unless the child specifically denies the parent access to the child's treatment record.

Do you offer virtual sessions or teletherapy?

In these challenging times, we are all working together to provide the best, safest and most effective options to our clients. Teletherapy is a wonderful option to assist clients in beginning or continuing when they are unable to attend in-person sessions, are uncomfortable doing so, or even a great way to get a session in when you are out of town! Ask our front office staff for more information on this option.