For Educators

The Circle of Life Counseling Center's ‘Educators Appreciation’  effort is exclusively for the members of EMI Health. We invite you to “replenish your spirit” and benefit from our professional services.

The Circle of Life’s ‘Educators Appreciation’ effort is on-going, is offered all year and is solely for the members of EMI Health.

‘Educators Appreciation' effort entails opening our schedule for evening appointments.

We are devoted to providing care and consideration to our educators who work tirelessly and sometimes thanklessly during traditional business hours; therefore we are offering evening appointments  Monday through Friday from 4:30PM- 7:30PM. 

Evening appointments fill up very quickly, but preference will be given to EMI members.


Our goal is to help lift the spirit and to intervene with compassion and understanding during personal or professional difficulty.  It is also our intent to offer evidence-based guidance and support, inspiring amenable solutions.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as you diligently teach our children and serve the community.


Remember...there is help and there is always hope.​

Circle of Life Counseling Center offers a full range of mental health services including but not limited to the treatments of: 

  • Difficult Parents  


  • Compassion Burn-Out   


  • Stress


  • Challenging Students  


  • Anxiety


  • Colleague Conflict

  • Marriage / Family Issues